Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Layouts

Here are just a few of the newer layouts that I've done.

I have so many digital kits at this point that I don't think I could possibly use them all. So that is my objective, to make at least one layout with each digital kit that I have. This is going to be a daunting task but once I am done it will be the greatest accomplishment:)

Spring Forward

kit: Delicate Spring by Digi-Crea fr
font: scriptina

Beep Beep Coming Through

kit: Beep Beep by Amanda Carlson
font: scribble

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

kit: Boys World by Sweet Blossom Designs
font: scribble, beautiful

Vintage Beauty

kit: Breaktime by mdesigns
font: ck leagacy, fontastic

Waiting for Papa

kit: Morangos by Luiza Garay
fontL ck fashion

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucas at his first Teeball practice

Lucas had his first practice for teeball tonight and he liked it!

When we first got there he wanted to go play on the playground with Abby and the other kids but we told him that he had to go find his coach and his team - we would play once practice was over.

He was the smallest kid on the team, which is no surprise :), but he fit right in. I took him out back this afternoon to practice using his mitt and tossing the ball and he had a blast so I hoped for the best tonight and was pleasently surprised. He said he'll go to another practice so that is a good sign!