Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun with Friends

We went to our friends house over the weekend for dinner and a get together for the kids. They love to go out there to play and to just run around. They have a lot more running room or at least a longer distance of running room, lol.

This is Michael and Lucas playing with his bat cave.

Abby throwing the ball to Neo, their favorite dog in the world.

Abby playing the piano...not very well might I add, lol.

All of the kids watching Toy Story and eating snacks.

Dylan playing with the kids and the dog, I think.

We had a good time...we don't get out to see Mike and Jenn very often so we always enjoy it.
Other than that we didn't do much of anything else. Lucas has school today and Dylan doesn't so we are going to get some yard work done, well at least Dylan is, lol.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pages for Challenges

A few pages I did for some page challenges...this one is a color challenge using red, blue and silver...the kids loved these little portable players. They are still around but I think they prefer to watch movies on the big screen now!

This one is for a font challenge. I had to use the moms typewriter font. I wanted to do a nice pregnancy page but I realized that I only had a handful of prego pics and I really don't like any of them, so this picture gets the point across without showing what I didn't like, LOL!!

New Pages

Here are a few new pages. I haven't had a lot of time but these kits are so cute and by keeping the pages simple they almost could make themselves!

As for news there really isn't any, lol. the kids are good, itching to get outside and play. We have gone out for the past few dys but the weather is a bit chilly today and my yard is like a mudpit so we'll stay in for now.
There is a park around the corner that was renovated this winter with new swings, junglegyms and climbing areas. Ray took Lucas on Sunday but again it's so muddy that there isn't much fun to be had. Hopefully it will dry up over the next few days and we can take a walk will be nice over the summer to take a little picnic lunch and just hang out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Pages

Here are a few new pages that I've done. I have started to enter some challenges at various sites, learning more...perhaps soon I can create for myself...I hate having to keep credit and write everything down, lol. I keep telling people that it is too much like work:)

This one is of a trip to Darien Lake that we took a few sumemrs back. Dylan looks so young!

This one I did for a challenge where the objective is to use a color pallette of 3 out of 6 possible. It was all greens and purples (one of my favorite color combos, I think it's because I love lilacs so much!) so it wasn't hard to choose my colors! I like the way that it turned out.

This one was also for a challenge. This was about nuetral with a pop of color, at least 25%. I was thinking because there was so much black and white that it fell into the category.

This one is a new favorite. I initially got the kit to do some pages of Ray and the kids playing at the computer but I did one of myself instead. I spend a lot of time at my computer but I do a lot of things with it - I pay the bills, I buy household goods, I am active in my online communities and most importantly I use my imagination to capture memories...well maybe not most important but without this outlet I think I would be a looney bin somewhere.

This one is a creative team layout. I have used several of her kits and I love every new one that she releases. The kit will be available on Monday...I'll post that link when it's ready:) I love this dress of Abby's for Easter. She just looked so sweet in the pleasts and her chubby little face and legs.

Okay off to watch this weeks LOST...I am behind - too much scrapping!