Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Party

We had the kids birthday party yesterday and here are just a handful of the 350 that were taken - gotta love digital!

They had a good time although it was a long day until the party started. Lucas refused to nap, as I figured he might but Abby went down like clockwork. Then when she got up we got our "party" clothes on and waited for the first guests to arrive.

It wasn't long before there was a houseful of people and we were waiting for the big presents to come - Papa and Grandma with a truck for Lucas and a little motorbike for Abby. They saw them in the back of the truck as he pulled up. The hope was to have him put the toys behind the truck and then move it so they were really surprised but it was just as good the way it happened.

Then we went into the yard for awhile. It wasn't as nice out as I had hoped but the sun was shining and that was all I cared about - I DIDN'T want to get rained out:) Dinner was next, good old hot dogs! Then cake, two cakes, Lucas had chocolate and Abby had yellow with a raspberry filling - yummo!

Then it was finally present time. There was no order to it, they just ripped into bags - who cared if there was a princess on it, Lucas was going to go through it! They got a lot of great stuff - I have been itching to get them some new summer clothes but I was putting it off in hopes that they would get a decent amount (my Mom always goes crazy with the clothes - but she usually gives them the good toy gifts early and leaves the clothes for the party)

We played awhile more after that and someone, I am not giving any names - RAY - decided to let them play with water guns. Once that was said there was no going back. After the guns were filled four or five times it started to get really cold so we went in and talked some more.

The last guests left, the kids got into their jammies and it was off to la-la land.

There was one really annoying thing about it though - it's the time of the year for flying pollen here. I am not sure what it is from - poplar trees maybe? - but it is fuzzy white balls that look as if they are from a dandelion. At any rate they were blowing in the wind so much that Abby thought it was snowing outside. Now the annoying part is that I was wearing a black shirt so every time that I went outside I had to come back in and use the lint brush to remove the piles of pollen that had gathered.

Other than that it was a good day, a long and exhausting day but a good one. I think they had a blast...I still can't believe it - three and four already!! How the time does fly!

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